Open WordPress SEO

Forget monthly, annual fees

Open WordPress SEO is a free and open-source alternative to the most popular WordPress SEO plugins in the market. It packs all the important features and is simple to use.

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SEO Status On Dashboard

The current state of your site's SEO is shown right on the WordPress admin dashboard to keep you up-to-date.
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Gives You Tips to Improve

A new section in post edit view tells you how you can improve the content to be more search-engine friendly.
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Control Meta Data

Set titles and descriptions. Fine-tune how your pages show up in search results by using Open WordPress SEO SERP Preview.
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Social Media Presence

Uses Open Graph tags for your content to appear neatly in Facebook. Add Facebook App ID for Facebook insights.
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Support for Custom Post Types

The features are available for all custom post types whether created by you or another plugin (e.g. WooCommerce).


Takes Care of Your Sitemap

Automatically creates an XML sitemap of your pages and keeps it up-to-date whenever you edit your site content.

Generate Meta Data Automatically

The plugin generates meta description and keywords for you automatically if needed. Just sit back and relax!

Pings Search Engines

Google, Bing, and Ask are automatically notified when your content changes. This way they will include your new content in results sooner.

Fixes Validation Issues in Content

Takes automatically care of minor validation issues. E.g. fills in missing image alt attributes "on the fly".

...And Much More!

In addition the plugin contains many other powerful features to make sure your site's presence in search engines is and stays as goods as it deserves.


Open WordPress SEO is easy to use and install. Plugin options can be adjusted via the settings page.


Applies features to wide area of different aspects of search engine optimization.

Actively Maintained

The project is open-source and development happens in GitHub. Always support for the latest WordPress version.


The project prospers because anyone, even you, can contribute by giving ideas or by starting to code it.


The plugin offers you the possibility to easily manipulate important metadata, gain insight to the SEO status of various aspects of your site and how improve them.

In addition, the plugin automatically performs grunt operations that are vital for good SEO, such as sitemap creation and pinging.

To put it short, with Open WordPress SEO search engines find your content more easily, index your content faster, and give your site better ranking.

Free WordPress SEO Plugin

Download & Install

There are two ways you can install Open WordPress SEO.

1. Install from WordPress control panel

The easiest way to install the plugin is from WordPress admin control panel. Go to Plugins → Add new, search for Open WordPress SEO and click Install now. Then activate the plugin from the plugins list.

2. Manually Download the Package and Install

Free download (.zip archive) is available via plugins portal. Download the file and extract the folder to your plugins directory. Then activate the plugin on control panel's Installed Plugins section.

After activation it is recommended to head to plugin settings and go through the basic options. It only takes a couple of minutes and is well worth it.

Need help?

If you have issues with the plugin or need help to use it please send message via WordPress support portal.

All messages there will be responded to. Thanks!

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All Set.

Please go ahead and download the free SEO plugin for WordPress now.